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    How It Works



    Design Your Look

    Design your style using our very easy to use state of the art software; on your smart phone, ipad or computer, you can design anywhere. Vast range of configurations, fast dedicated servers ensure speedy visual output as you make selections, and of course you get to see the finished look


     Play with Fabrics

    We bring you luxury fabrics; wools, cashmere, linens, silk blends. A range of weights, and a comprehensive selection of designs and colors. Each fabric has full specification detail so you can make an informed choice. You can also chose bespoke linings, adding your personality quirks, truly making your design reflect who you are.



    Take Measurements

    Measure yourself, have a friend help or visit a local tailor (we can assist you with this). We provide simple to use videos to help take accurate measurements, and based on your height, weight and body shape our app recommends standard values which you can use as a guide. 


    Then, It's Our Turn

    We take your order and assign a dedicated client manager to you. He or she will review the order, reach out to you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your design, and only then will process your order to our Ateliers in Italy. You client manager will keep in touch with you during the manufacturing process. Once ready, we ship to you direct from Italy. If there are any minor alterations required, we can either arrange for a local tailor to make the adjustments, or we can give you credit to use your tailor of choice. We guarantee a perfect fit, or we will re-make another one for you.


    You can chose from one of our collections below and have it made to your measurements, or you can Design your Bespoke Piece



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