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  • Wash and Care Instructions

    Compression products benefit from regular washing as the elasticity is restored during the wash process. In order to maintain the compression factor and prolong the lifespan of the luxury fibres we use, it is advised that the product be washed with due care and attention as below:

    • Hand wash in cold water using a gentle soap, but you can machine wash, using no higher than a 30° gentle wash cycle and mild detergent.

    • Turn inside out prior to washing and use a wash bag whenever possible.

    • Avoid the use of fabric conditioners as they may damage and wear down the fibres shortening the lifespan of this product.

    • Please do not bleach, iron or dry-clean.

    • Suitable for a low heat tumble dryer; however, we recommend that you air dry where possible, refraining from drying in the sun or on a radiator.

    • Compression socks should be replaced after three months of regular use & six months of occasional use, to maintain the correct level of compression, however as a sock, these products will last a long time.

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