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    L' ATOME Compression Sports Socks are under re-development to enhance the compression factor from 16-18 mm Hg to 18-22 mm Hg, the level which we evaluate to be the minimal requirement for effective performance. The lesser compression factor was deemed to not effective graduated compression.

    Please contact us with your interest in this range and we will email you once the product is ready for marketing.

    • Compression factor 18-22 mm Hg, class I, for investing in wellness for your leg future
    • Work with your muscles to optimize performance and shorten recovery time
    • Support for the muscle from vibrational stress
    • ankle brace ligament strap technology, to help promote stability and support
    • anti-blister multi-zonal protective mapping technology to cushion and prevent friction
    • Manufacturing is at an approved medical grade facility, and the compression is tested to be guaranteed within the range specified
    • The highest compression is at the ankle, gradually decreasing - near the knee there is no active compression, just the feel of the top cuff
    • The top cuff was developed with specialist knit technique producing a wide layered double band which guarantees the socks will not fall down - all day long. The construction also ensure it does not dig into the skin either. We call it our 'Stay-Put without Pain' cuff!
    • The toe and heel are seamless hand-linked, resulting in no uncomfortable seams or friction on soft skin.
    • The shape has been knitted to fit the contours of the foot, hence each sock is just for the foot intended, inside the top band you will see Left or Right foot identification
    Made from Lanati Milk Fiber yarn mix. Milk fiber has natural properties. Without any chemical additives, Lanati yarn mix is:
    • Moisturizing
    • PH similar to skin
    • Anti-microbial
    • Moisture wicking
    • Breathable
    • Softness
    • High elasticity resulting in an easy to put on sock, just like a normal sock.

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