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  • Testimonials


    The following are a mixture of testimonials our founder, Anja Kahn, took during the development testing of the Milk Socks Compression Hosiery range as well as a snapshot of verified customer purchase reviews. No payment was made for any testimonial, and no other incentive provided. We thank the contributors for their valuable input, and we hope their comments provide you with further information before purchasing any of our products.

    I love these socks!!!
    Kelley, USA
    I have the pink ones and they are so soft and comfy. I'm a nurse and work all day on my feet so when I get home, my feet are usually killing me. When I started wearing Atom compression socks I was happy to notice my feet did not hurt as much as before and I actually had more energy throughout the day.

    A pregnant girls dream
    Erica, USA
    Currently I am 7 months pregnant and I have work a bunch of different kinds of compression socks. Many of them aren't that soft, bunch up and fall down. These socks however were a game changer. They are super soft, never fall down and you can rub out any wrinkles. The best part is the relief they give my legs and feet that were aching before I started wearing them. Makes a huge difference.

    Woke up and my nagging knee pain was gone
    Tried these socks on before I went to bed and wore them overnight. Usually when I wake up my knee bothers me and takes some time to loosen up. But the morning after wearing these compression socks, I had no pain in my knee. Will be wearing these more often now.

    So comfortable and decrease my leg pain
    Steven, USA
    I started wearing atom compression socks when I run and do heavy weight training. Not only do they fit great and never slide down my leg but they really helped with my muscle soreness after tough workouts. This allows me to recover faster and get back at it the next day. Love these socks.

    Work great for my races
    Stacey, USA
    As Spartan Race addict, I need to make sure my body is ready for the race but also can recover after it's over. I tried the Atom compression socks for the first time at my last race and they made me feel so good. I beat my best time and was not as sore as i usually am. Can't wait for the next one.

    Calf Sleeves made from milk
    Zak, USA
    Great product, I wear them for track.

    Paul, Online Accounting, UK

    "I have never used flight socks before and I used these socks on a short flight to Egypt in July, followed a week later long haul to New Orleans on business, and they were surprisingly comfortable and my legs didn’t ache or swell as they used to. Fantastic product and I wouldn't fly without them."

    Gareth, Airline Pilot, UK

    "On long haul flights, my legs do get 'heavy' and tired. After wearing these socks, my legs felt much lighter and not tired at all...... the socks did not 'dig' at the top of my calf. My lower leg felt very supported and so comfortable... I can highly recommend these socks for leaving your legs feeling light and refreshed after a long day."

    Rashed, Manager Etihad Airlines, UK

    "The milk compression socks were comfortable, and of high quality, and really helped my tired legs. I would highly recommend them."

    Emma, Businesswoman, UK

    "Brilliant! so comfortable, I wore them one day and then washed them in the evening to wear again next day ...... "



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